Role of women in Law enforcement agencies

A law enforcement agency is an organization, which enforces laws. It includes special police and several federal agencies such as FBI or DEA. Every law enforcement agency has its own jurisdiction and responsibilities. Both men and women are given the best opportunity to perform any of the tasks. If Ada County arrests any female criminal who has been involved in any crime or law offense, they are handled by female enforcement officers.


All the eligible females are given opportunity by law enforcement agencies to be police officers. They are also given a chance to provide benefit to the United States government. Various benefits such as scholarships and special grant are being offered to the female group who are willing to enter the field.


After the incident of 9/11, women are self-willing to serve their nation, but they are afraid to leave their family. Multiple opportunities are given to women who tend to work in law enforcement agencies. They can serve the country by staying in their city.

More effective officers

Women are not having muscle power as compared to men, but they can put more influence due to their courage and practical communication skills. This makes them more capable of working for law enforcement agencies. Male police officers could learn much more from female officers.

Best qualities of women law enforcement officer

They are similar counterparts as the male officers. They also facilitate cooperation and trust factor between the civilians and officers. The style of policing hardly relies on any physical strengths and they avoid cases which have involvement of excessive forces to cope up the problem. This also solves the problem against domestic violence. The rise of officers in an agency will reduce issues such as sex discrimination and harassment in the agency.

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