The heart-throbbing incident of the Sandy Hook School, Newtown!!!

The tale of a school. An event of a child suffering from mental illness. This is the case of the school named Sandy Hook School. On December 14, 2012, the incident occurred. When the boy, Adam Lanza was suffering from his mental disease had killed children of the school with a gun. Adam Lanza, a boy of 20 years of age, went to the Sandy Hook School with the weapon.

 He killed around 20 children of the school which are between the age group of six to seven years. He also killed six staff members of the school. Sources have also confirmed that before arriving at the school, the boy had killed his mother also with the same gun at home. When the police had come to catch and arrest the boy, Adam Lanza had committed suicide. He shot himself on his head with the gun. The police did not find any clue about the happening of the incident. The police were unable the disclose the reason behind the `happening of the event.

The Sandy Hook School reaction

Sandy Hook School is an elementary school situated in Newtown, Connecticut. It is a well-reputed school in the town. After this incident, the school staff has gone into depression. The parents of the victim children and the teachers were not able to recover from the event after a long period has passed to the function. The police had further claimed that the boy was going in the mental stress. There was no clue found that the boy has done this incident on any insistence. Adam Lanza was solely responsible for the event, and after the destruction, he had committed suicide. The whole city was in shock after hearing about the event.

“I wish I had not given birth to the boy”- the father said after knowing about the Sandy Hook School incident. Click here to know more.

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