Everything you need to know about Dave Holmes!!!

Dave Holmes is considered one of the most popular managers of the musician band Coldplay who born on the 14th March 1971. He is considered a versatile person who has done a lot of movies. He is a writer, famous television personality, and producer as well.  Holmes is a manager at Coldplay. Are you familiar with Coldplay? 

It is considered one of the most popular music bands in America. It is a unique band that is launching a lot of new great songs and other things. Coldplay got their name on top because they have a lot of fantastic new singers and musicians as well. They have Frontman Chris martin in the band that will able to sing backward in the band.  Running a band like Coldplay may seem difficult for a person because they have to invest a lot of time in finding talented persons. Keep reading the article and get to know more related to Dave Holmes.

  • Great British Rock band

When it comes to something great band, then Coldplay is the first name that comes in our mind. Such an incredible band was formed in 1996 in London.  This particular band is incorporated with a lot of great singers like bassist Guy Berryman, and Drummer will champion and others.  Dave Holmes is considered as the main part of the band who is managing everything properly. To become a manager at a band, then you have to find out a particular band who is looking for a certified and proficient manager like you.

  • Contracts

According to professionals, Coldplay is considered one of the great bands who has signed with a lot of popular labels like Parlophone Records in 19999.

Moving Further,  if you want to run a successful band, then you need to pay close attention to a variety of important things. 

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